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  • Lessons From India: It’s All About Perception


    Perception, in my experience, has never, ever resembled truth. How many times have I been angry with my mother or a friend, or even a partner, because of my perception of a certain situation? Too many to count. Because at the time I’m 100% certain I’m right. Based on feelings, which are subjective, right? They […]

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  • Lessons From India: Control and Letting Go

    old guys

    The other day a fellow student on the course here said I was assertive, I agreed. But later another student said I was a control freak. Shit! I know I like things done a certain way (my way) but I never considered myself a control freak… Yoga and Control Yoga teaches us to have control […]

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  • Lessons From India: Facing Difficulties


    We all face difficult situations in life- challenging jobs, difficult people, financial hardships, family issues, periods of stress, worry, sickness, etc. From these hard times we become much stronger individuals, and as such difficulty is a necessary requirement for personal growth. Day to day difficulties Here in India we don’t of course face any actual difficulties, […]

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  • Lessons From India: Patience


    Growing up in a fast-paced environment, I want everything to happen now, or at least, when it’s supposed to. So when the bus is late, plans get changed, the professor doesn’t turn up, lunch is delayed, the wifi isn’t working, it’s too hot, you’re too hungry, you need a cigarette, the washing machine is never available, […]

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  • Lessons (Ramblings) From India Series


    Thought I’d given up on the blog ay? No chance! It’s been a crazy busy summer- in June I worked as a teacher-trainer and led two English summer camps, had an amazing time (and a couple of breakdowns but won’t go into that, ha). Then I spent a wonderful 4 weeks with my boyfriend at his […]

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  • 8 Things Your Travel/Expat Friend Does NOT Need to Hear


    Travel has rescued me in so many ways. If you’ve had a scroll through my About Me page, you’ll know I’ve had my fair share of tough times. Problems growing up, problems with love, problems at uni, now problems with anxiety and Fibromalgia. I’ve been up, down, all around and it has not been easy. […]

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  • 17 Happiness Quotes from Hector’s Search For Happiness


    Although not the BEST film in the world, I really enjoyed watching Simon Pegg leave his old life as a therapist and venture out into the world (really preferred it to Eat Pray Love). His quest: To understand the nature of happiness and what makes us happy.   1. “Making comparisons can spoil your happiness.” [Click to […]

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  • 7 Goals in 7 Years: Before I’m 30


    There’s something about me and lists and personal projects and goals. I’m going to be 23 this year and it dawned on me that before I know it I’ll be partying for my 25th and then the big 3.0.   I think conventionally, most people’s list of goals have something in common and function together […]

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  • A Day in Nairobi, Kenya


    While volunteering in Kenya last year, the charity (Agape-Volunteers who works locally with Marafiki Community) kindly took us on an incredible Nairobi city excursion trip which I just had to share with you guys!   1. Mamba Village and Ostrich Park     We started off the morning here at this delightful 30 acre resort […]

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  • 6 Stunning Local Islands For Paradise on a Budget- Maldives


    During my year living and working in Maldives I learnt that budget-travel here definitely is possible. More and more islands are opening up guest houses and dive clubs- the local people are now benefiting from tourism more than ever before. While resorts are wonderfully luxurious, visitors often state how bored they get after lying in a sun-bed […]