Lessons (Ramblings) From India Series

Thought I’d given up on the blog ay? No chance! It’s been a crazy busy summer- in June I worked as a teacher-trainer and led two English summer camps, had an amazing time (and a couple of breakdowns but won’t go into that, ha).

Then I spent a wonderful 4 weeks with my boyfriend at his family home in Sicily. Authentic food, afternoon siestas, going out for gelato, €1 beers, warm evening strolls, camping on the beach, oh it was bliss. The first proper carefree holiday I’ve had in a long time. I felt so welcomed by P’s family and friends- it was a real honor to stay with them.



Then I flew to Dehradun, India, where I participated in a 2-week course in yoga, health and well-being at Doon University with British Council. I kept a diary on how I was feeling and the lessons learnt each day, and now I’m going to turn them into blog posts and keep them as concise as possible (which is really difficult for a rambler like me!). I have to admit, some of the lessons I learnt have already started to fade away and I’ve only been home a few days… every thing just made sense there, you know? Even trying to tell my friends and family about my experiences has proved difficult, everyone thinks it’s far too airy-fairy, and they’re rubbing off on me. But I’m going to try really hard to go through all of my notes and write something coherent, possibly even useful, for you reading!


Dehradun- foothills of the Himalayas


I hope that writing about my lessons on yoga and on life will help consolidate my thoughts and reflections, but mostly I hope they resonate with you. Do drop a comment if you enjoy the series or want to contemplate the topics with me! I’d be so happy to hear from you.



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