My Body and Me

I recently read that if we feel something in our body, it´s a good idea to think about it in terms of how you are and what you feel right now. Here goes. Today:


My feet are stiff and moving my toes hurts =

I am stiff and moving in my life hurts.

My hamstrings are sore and can´t extend fully =

I am sore and I´m having trouble allowing myself to open, lengthen and take up space.

My hips are closed, blocked, and sitting is uncomfortable=

I am struggling to be comfortable with myself, possibly with others, too. I´m having difficulty embracing my creative energy, allowing my skills to blossom and allowing others to see me. I´m blocking, resisting.

My back is tired and weak =

I feel tired, weak and unsupported.

My shoulders roll forward, my upper back is sore and my chest feels compressed =

I´m making myself small because I feel small. Vulnerable. My heart is hurting. I´m not standing up tall today. I´m not feeling confident.

My head feels foggy and heavy. The opposite of fresh and light. The opposite of a fresh Spring morning. Stuffy. My ears feel blocked. Winter.

I am burdened with the weight of past memories and past emotions. I´m blocked and holding onto these feelings which do not serve me. I am struggling to come out of the hibernation of a very long Winter. I´m struggling to let go of the heavy weight and allow myself to step out with lightness.


Wow, what an incredible exercise.

When we allow ourselves to be completely honest, we see where and why we are hurting.


I´m learning that Healing begins with a completely non-judgemental, honest look at who I am.


“Who I Am” is a great starting point. It´s also associated with Chakra number 1- the Root: the right to be, and the right to have.


I´m Sarah, I´m me. I´m a girl, a woman. I´m an English teacher. I´m a friend, girlfriend, daughter. I´m a thinker, a writer. I´m in the process of healing. I have a job, friends, a loving partner. I have enough money for right now. I have little pleasures in life, such as a sunset beer on a Friday evening, wholesome food, smiles and laughter.


What´s beyond that?


I´m a living, breathing, existing being. I´m alive. I exist. I matter.

Ouch, that was a difficult one.

I matter.

I matter?

Easy to think I don´t. So easy to shrink myself down. So incredibly easy to allow my inner shine to dim, or turn off completely. Difficult to turn it on, or up. Difficult to extend, to amplify, to TAKE UP SPACE.

But you know what? Today I´m going to breathe a little deeper. I´m gonna expand that chest a little wider. I´m gonna relax my shoulders a little lower and I´m gonna hold my head a little higher.

Yes, I matter, even if it´s for myself. I matter to me.

If I matter to myself, what does that mean?

It means I matter.

It means I´m wanted.

It means I´m valued.

It means I´m appreciated.

I matter, I´m wanted, I´m valued, I´m appreciated.

Let´s go back.


Who Am I?

I´m Sarah, I´m me, and I matter, I´m wanted, I´m valued and I´m appreciated. Being me is something to rejoice in.

Suddenly I´m impelled to give myself a little hug.




If you´re reading this and it resonates with you, deconstruct your healing process together with me. No robots here, just pure honesty. It isn´t gonna be easy and it won´t be fast either.

I´m ready to really see me. And I´m ready for you to see me. And I´d sure as hell love to see you.

Today´s goal: Everytime I have a toxic thought I will repeat today´s mantra. Everytime I see my reflection, I will repeat today´s mantra. Everytime my shoulders droop forward, I´m going to consciously roll them back and down and give my heart some space to inflate with all the love I have for it.


That´s enough for now 😉

With love,


Hi! I'm Sarah. I dropped out of university tired with the mundane life I was living in England. Now I'm an aspiring ex-pat of the world, having already lived and worked in Vietnam, Italy and Maldives. I'm using this blog to document my experiences and hopefully inspire others!

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