Can We Ever Really Have It All?


I’ve noticed that even when two people live completely unrelated lifestyles, they still feel pretty much the exact same sensations as each other. I just got off the phone with a dear friend of mine and it’s so freaky how our lives, while utterly dissimilar, seem to mirror each other. It must be because we are in a similar phase in our life, “the 20-something” phase. Where we’re not quite sure exactly what we want but we’re drawn to one thing or another and are actively seeking to pursue something meaningful.


After discussing how he sees himself progressing in his career and how much he really loves it, but how he has a deep desire to get into acting- and after sharing my (very loose) plans to teach summer camps in Italy, practice yoga in India, and possibly settle in a 3rd country, all by September and with limited funds, we both found ourselves contemplating the same thing: Can we ever really have it all? Can we excel up the career ladder while developing passions which oppose it? Do we ever over-do our list of goals? Are we pushing ourselves a little too hard? Should we just focus on one thing at a time?


After a long chat, we found ourselves urging each other on to take the step, to study at acting school- why not?! To have lots of travel plans- why not?! We realized, by the fact we were earnestly impelling each other on to follow our hearts, to go to India if it’s calling you, to take a career break and delve into something new, to take a leap into the unknown (even though it’s scary), that we had kind of answered it. Yes, you can have it all. You do not live inside a box. And if we do- it’s a box with thousands of windows. Windows you can open at any time you want. You don’t have to make sure one is closed first before opening the next. It can be scary, as you need to walk away from one in order to reach the other. It’s daunting, it’s tough. You like your window, you’re good at it, you’re happy with it, it’s what you know. But think of the joy that could be gained by just taking a deep breath and going for something different, something you’ve always dreamed of, something which takes you further…



Can we ever really have it all? Absolutely. We’ve had it in us all along, we just didn’t know it.



Hi! I’m Sarah. I dropped out of university tired with the mundane life I was living in England. Now I’m an aspiring ex-pat of the world, having already lived and worked in Vietnam, Italy and Maldives. I’m using this blog to document my experiences and hopefully inspire others!


    1. Maybe it depends on why you want to go to back, for example, I miss my life in Maldives and often think about going back to kind of “re-create” what I had, but I found that wasn’t a good enough reason as I need to try and find happiness in myself. I think you’re kind of debating it, perhaps your heart isn’t totally in it? I mean, I’m waiting to hear if I have been accepted a position in Spain and I’m absolutely dying in agony to find out, checking my emails 5 or 6 times a day haha!

  1. Sarah! You are SO lucky to have such empathetic supportive friends! So many times when we leave our people behind, they act abandoned and treat us almost like our lives are magical. No matter where you live or what your job is, reality sets in pretty quick!

  2. Hello,

    I know this is from a while ago, but your quote about it being a ‘box with thousands of windows’ rang true to me at this present moment. I have always gone travelling solo around the world, nearing the end of my 20s, I got married quickly to a lovely man and can’t help but feel I’m caging myself to what is expected rather than what makes me happiest. I still want to travel. My husband made himself out to be this but is taking lots of encouragement to the point I’m wondering whether I am pushing him into being an expat. I see my parent’s relationship and how Bad that is and I dont want that. My husband worries about the material things more than me, I suppose he has worked hard for his career and such and finds these bind him to our hometown, whereas I see our hometown as Groundhog Day. that’s not to say I haven’t also worked hard, I have a transferable career and so does he. I suppose he is the sensible one and I’ve always been a bit too spontaneous however this has worked up until now with the universe providing opportunities. I need to strike a balance! Where are you abouts on your travels now? If you haven’t been to the phillipines yet, go, they are lovely people. Take care and speak soon xx

    1. Hello K, thank you for your very honest comment. The traveling/expat life can be difficult, more so when you need to take a partner’s or spouse’s career etc into consideration. I was offered a job in Maldives and my boyfriend very selflessly encouraged me to go and try it out, even while he stayed living in Italy. I had a wonderful year there and then we moved together in Napoli. Now our paths will soon separate once again as I’m taking a job in Canary Islands, Spain, while he moves to Majorca. We are young and have so much to experience, I find that real love allows each other to find our true self and go discover the world rather than being chained to each other. I hope we will be able to move abroad together but until then we have to follow our own paths.

      I definitely will go to the Philippines at some point! You take care too xx

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