7 Goals in 7 Years: Before I’m 30


There’s something about me and lists and personal projects and goals. I’m going to be 23 this year and it dawned on me that before I know it I’ll be partying for my 25th and then the big 3.0.

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I think conventionally, most people’s list of goals have something in common and function together in order to get a final result- take on more responsibilities for a promotion at work perhaps, or eat less meat and exercise more to lose weight, to set aside 20 minutes a day to write a novel, or to look into getting a mortgage to settle down.


My goals are all completely different and do not lead to any one place as such. My number 1 priority is to continue to grow. I can’t stay cooped up in a box… I need freedom. I need to come and go as I please, try out several different careers, several different homes. Does it mean I’m running away? Chasing happiness? I’m not sure, but when I read this list of goals and imagine I’ve completed them by the time I’m 30, I just feel so absolutely proud of myself. So, here it goes!


Travel in my own country, United Kingdom and Ireland

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This has been on my mind since I became a temporary re-pat. I adore travelling and yet haven’t even seen the highlights of where I’m from: Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bath, Cambridge, Torquay, Dover, The New Forest, the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District, the Peak District, Kent, Devon, Stonehenge.. all the stunning looking islands in Scotland and the magnificent coasts of Ireland. 20 years give or take I’ve lived here, yet I’ve seen and done more when I’m abroad for a year or two.


How: Plan a trip around sites such as Workaway or rent a campervan or attempt walking the coast of Britain.


Become a qualified yoga instructor

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I’ve only been practicing yoga for around 6 months so far, but It’s quickly become a huge part of my day to day. I find such relief and fulfillment when I practice, and not only because I suffer with a muscle condition, but in the way it gets me to slow down and be present.

I’d love to grow as a yogi and one day help others, particularly those suffering with Fibromyalgia like me.


How: Keep on with the yoga practice, the online yoga study course and look into courses and workshops.

Fundraise for charity

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All the time I see those marathons and people swimming a ridiculous amount of lengths or cutting their hair for a good cause I’m reminded to think about how I can pitch in. I fundraised somewhat while I was volunteering in Kenya but I didn’t really push myself hard enough. I was reading a novel about a woman who walked the coastline of Britain to fundraise money for a homeless persons charity in Britain. How incredible is that?


How: Have a real think about a cause you’re passionate about and how you could use your skills to fundraise.


Be fluent in at least 1 foreign language

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I’ve dabbled in and out of Italian for a few years now but am still an absolute beginner, mostly because I’m so nervous speaking it. This comes back to my own issues of anxiety, but I think pushing myself here could really help with that. I’ve started learning a little bit of Spanish on Duolingo, but I’d love to actually go to a proper class.

The last time I was in a language class I was around 12 years old, and the French just went straight through one ear and out the other. I never believed I’d actually need to learn other languages, my child’s brain couldn’t foresee that I would one day leave England.


How: Keep doing at least 5 minutes of Duolingo a day, invest in a coursebook of some kind, attend language classes. When you’re ready, book an exam to help you really focus in on your learning.

Continue diving, possibly attaining Divemasters or Instructor status



This is a bit like my yoga instructor goal. Diving is one of my favourite past-times, I’ve always loved swimming but I love how calm the world seems while underwater. I have about 20 logged dives, I definitely want to carry on and hey, who knows, maybe even become a diving instructor? Live on a liveaboard for a while? Work in the Caribbean?

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I just love having options. I think this relates back to me not completing university. It’s almost like I have this inner need to prove that I’m not a failure. That while I don’t have the conventional credentials like most people my age, I’ve succeeded in other areas of my life. I want a really wide, useful skills-set. I want to try out a plethora of lives!


How: Live somewhere you can dive and budget carefully!

Motorcycle/drivers licence

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A nice simple goal, one I really should have finished back when I was 18 but the internship in Vietnam came up and well, the rest is history. This is super important for me so I can go on road trips and have that bit more freedom instead of having to rely on public transport etc.


How: Next time you’re back in your hometown for an extended stay, get on it straight away and get it sorted.

Make money from writing??!?

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The ‘?!’ are because I’m really kinda shy about saying such a thing. I’m by no means an expert writer, the views on my blog are hardly overwhelming… and yet writing has become therapeutic for me. When I’m 30, I should have so many useful articles and a bit of a following (I hope!) and so perhaps I could even write a novel? Or short guides of some description? Maybe even attend creative writing classes to hone in and grow as a writer.


This goal isn’t about becoming a famous travel writer or even making a living from my writing, I’d just loved to get recognised some day.


And that’s it! Man, I love making lists. I tried to get my other-half to do the same but the future is far too daunting for him, he wouldn’t really know where to start. My advice is to just relax, these goals are just personal and they can change, just as you change and grow. If I turn 30 in 7 years time and look back on this post and haven’t achieved a single goal on this list, that’s okay! Life is a journey and if I’m happy as a TEFL teacher, maybe I won’t go down other career paths. That’s totally fine.


How about you? Any goals for the rest of this year? Next 5 years? Bucket-list kind of goals? I’ve never made a bucket-list before. Unless achieving happiness in the complete concordance of my self with itself can count. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Hi! I'm Sarah. I dropped out of university tired with the mundane life I was living in England. Now I'm an aspiring ex-pat of the world, having already lived and worked in Vietnam, Italy and Maldives. I'm using this blog to document my experiences and hopefully inspire others!

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